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Not much has change since my last entrie. But I do not understand people that I teach with. One of my friends from high school was in the class this semister that I taught in and they think because I went out with her one after class with like 10 other peole now I play favorites! What the fuck I hate when people make shit up.

#1 At no point in time was that girl in any of my testing stations for the fact I knew that something like this would happen.

#2 The people that I hang out with after class is no buissness but my own.

#3 If I was going to play favorites it would not be with her. If they had ask anyone of the people that went out with me that night that came threw my station for test knows that I did not play favorites. That is such bull shit.

Other than that I am pretty happy with everything that is goin on. Sorry to hear someone people lives are not the way they want them to be, but live goes on. Learn how to deal with shit. Grow up!!!! And one other thing that i hate when you are with an actrive girl one that most men when enjoy there company dont be an asshole and show if everyone some front of being a tough guy come on REALLY. I dont care that you are only 21 big fucking deal. Act like it or get the fuck out of the way. That is all i have to say to night thanks for reading. If I piss you off in anyway

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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